CAT6 UTP Patch Cord PVC, Flat

The high-end network solution, Flat Type

  • Cat6 Class E Fluke tested
  • PVC sheath
  • PoE++ compatible

Technical Details

  • PVC Flat
  • Cat6 up to 250MHz
  • Strain relief and locking protection
  • Inner conductor: AWG 30/7 Copper
  • Cable type: UTP unhielded
  • NVP value: 76
  • Colored Modular for option

      Order Information

      Part Number

      Part Number Category Structure Shealth Remark
      CPC-6UTP-PXXM-Y-FT Cat6 UTP PVC Flat
      XX: Length
      Y: Color: A-Black, B-Blue, C-Red, D-Orange, E-Yellow, F-Grey, G-Green, H-White
      FT: Flat


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      Accessories List

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