Fiber Dome Closure 72 core

72A Series

Technical Details

  • Protection Grade: IP68
  • Capacity: 12 -72F. Could be installed with 6 trays. l 2F/per tray in max.
  • Ports: 4 branch ports for Ф8~ 18mm cable. 1 pert for Ф10~18mm uncut cable.
  • Sealing of housing : mechanical seal for housing,
  • Sealing of port: heat-shrink seal for ports
  • Installation: wall mounting, aerial, direct burial. etc.
  • Performance: meet all the industry standard performance tests from YD/T 814.1-2013 Closure for Optical Fiber Cables (ICS 33.180.99)
  • Satisfactory space for the placement of fiber joints and fiber storage, preventing the joints from being influenced by the external environment
  • Dimension: 395×Ф225 MM
  • Inner box : 410×235×205 MM
  • Outer Carton: 740×440×450 MM, 6pcs per outer carton

      Order Information

      Part Number

      Part Number Capacity QTY Cable Tray QTY Cable Entry Remark
      FDC-72A-5P6T-M 72 6*12F 4+1
      M: Mechanical Seal Housing And Mechanical Seal Port
      Dimension: 395×Ф225 MM
      Inner Box: 410×235×205 MM
      Outer Carton : 740×440×450 MM , 6pcs per carton


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