Fiber Patch Cord Singlemode

Technical Details

  • Cable type: Duplex / Simplex
  • Fibre type: Single mode
  • Category: OS2
  • LSOH jacket
  • Connector with ceramic ferrule
  • Cable diameter 3 mm
  • Single packed with test-report
  • Color outer sheath: Yellow
  • Anti-kink sleeve: Put-on
  • APC-version: for option
  • Length: 1meters, …., 50 meters

      Order Information

      Part Number

      Part Number Mode Fiber Class Fiber Diameter Cable Tie
      FPC-SM-CT-YY/ZZ-XX Singlemode OS2 9/125µ Duplex / Simplex
      SM: Singlemode OS2
      CT: DX= duplex, SX= simplex
      YY/ZZ: ST, SC, LC, SCA= SC APC, LCA= LC APC, E2= E2000, E2A= E2000 APC
      XX: length, 01= 1 meter, 02= 2 meters, … ,15= 15 meters


      Not available now.

      Accessories List

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