Slide Rail Fiber Optic Patch Panel, Angled Plastic Plate

  • Slide Rail
  • 45 degree angled plastic front plate

Technical Details

  • 19 Inch
  • With sliding rail
  • Single removable front plate, plastic, Angled 45 degree
  • Up to 48 fibers in 1U
  • 24 Adaptor positions
  • 45° open working angle
  • SC.LC,FC,ST, E2000,Multiple Adaptor options available
  • Splice cassette according to requirement
  • Colored pigtails according to requirement
  • Adapter according to requirement
  • RoHS, REACH SvHC and UL rated
  • Color: Black / Grey

      Order Information

      Part Number

      Part Number Height Front Plate Adapter Remark
      FPP-RS15-24SCSX-AG 1U Angled Platic 24 x SC Simplex Sliding Rail
      FPP-RS15-24LCSX-AG 1U Angled Platic 24 x LC Simplex Sliding Rail
      FPP-RS15-24FCSX-AG 1U Angled Platic 24 x FC Simplex Sliding Rail
      FPP-RS15-24E2KA-AG 1U Angled Platic 24 x E200 Sliding Rail


      Not available now.

      Accessories List

      Not available now.