Cable Management, Brush panel

Fixed installation in 19″ / 10″

With rings, with brush

Technical Details

  • Installation on the 483 mm (19“) profile rails
  • Cable management with plastic 4 rings, 5 rings
  • Cable management with metal 4 rings, 5 rings
  • Cable management 12 slot, 16 slot, 24 slot
  • With brush flat, angled
  • Vertical management plate, 37U,42U,47U
  • Vertical managerment 37U,42U,47U

Order Information

Part Number

Part Number Material Structure Number Remark
RAC-CMM-4R65 Metal Ring 4 65mm depth
RAC-CMM-5R65 Metal Ring 5 65mm depth
RAC-CMP-4R100 Metal Ring 4 100mm depth
RAC-CMM-5R100 Metal Ring 5 100mm depth
RAC-CMP-4R Platic Ring 4
RAC-CMP-5R Platic Ring 5
RAC-CMM-12S Metal Slot 12
RAC-CMM-16S Metal Slot 16
RAC-CMM-24S Metal Slot 24
RAC-CMP-12S Platic Slot 12
RAC-CMP-23S Platic Slot 24
RAC-CMM-BF Metal Brush 1 Flat
RAC-CMM-BA Metal Brush 1 Angled
RAC-CMM-BR4 Metal Brush&Ring 4 4 rings
RAC-CMM-VPA37 Metal Perfoation 37U
RAC-CMM-VPA42 Metal Perfoation 42U
RAC-CMM-VPA47 Metal Perfoation 47U
RAC-CMM-VPB37 Metal Perfoation 37U
RAC-CMM-VPB42 Metal Perfoation 42U
RAC-CMM-VPB47 Metal Perfoation 47U
RAC-CMM-VMA37 Metal Perfoation 37U
RAC-CMM-VMA42 Metal Perfoation 42U
RAC-CMM-VMA47 Metal Perfoation 47U
RAC-CMM-VMB37 Metal Perfoation 37U
RAC-CMM-VMB42 Metal Perfoation 42U
RAC-CMM-VMB47 Metal Perfoation 47U




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Accessories List

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